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Founding Product Engineer

Omni Labs

Omni Labs

San Francisco, CA, USA
Posted on Friday, June 2, 2023

Founding Product Engineer

The last few months have been really exciting! Leading up to this point was a lot of hard work and mostly R&D with a few key beta users. In the last couple of months, we’ve launched our first version 🚢, onboarded our first paid customers 💰, seen some truly amazing results with the product so far📈 (like insane), and are getting pulled strongly by the market.

Quotes from customers:

“What used to take me 4-6 hours a day now takes me about 30 minutes.”
“I’ve 10x my #1 weekly KPI because of Omni.”
“This is by far the coolest demo I’ve ever seen in my life.”
“It’s not just that Omni allows me to go about 5x faster through [a specific task], it’s that my brain doesn’t bleed anymore from all the copy and pasting and I actually enjoy doing it now.”
“Holy shit, this is so dope. It’s like magic. Like a little robot man inside my computer doing everything for me.”

The Role

The problem we're solving is complex (automating the web is hard, go figure lol) but more so it's very novel. And with this novel solution and architecture, comes a deep need for first principle thinking and problem solving. We're looking for 2 more senior engineers to round our our founding team. You should have a track record of technical excellence in building high quality production products with significant complexity.
As a member of the founding team, you’ll work on the core product as well as spin up and own new greenfield projects. We have a clearly defined roadmap driven by customer feedback and our vision, but this is not a role for someone looking to spit out perfectly specked features or squash reported bugs. We’re looking for a problem solver who has a mind for product and really wants to have a super significant impact on the trajectory of this business.
As this role can’t be defined buy a few bullet points, here are a couple must haves:
senior full stack engineer (totally ok if you have a pref for back/front but should be able to touch it all)
very strong in JS or excited to become an expert
someone who defaults to thinking about the end user and has a mind for product and design
enjoys creative problem solving
someone excited to work at the earliest stage (eg: should like wearing multiple hats and taking on responsibility, wants to make a huge impact on company, embrace dynamic situations and all that comes with team/process changing quickly)
Bonus points:
past startup founder or history of seeking more scope/ownership
experience with chromium, chrome devtools protocol, chrome extensions
deep expertise with modern web apis
wants to grow quickly with the company (in lead IC route or ppl manager)
Ideally you want more responsibility and scope. The career path for this role is anything from staff level IC with near full autonomy to leading all things Engineering/Product/Design.

Our Technology

The core product runs mostly client side, and the majority is in pure JS. We do a lot with the browser via CDP and chrome extensions w/ an electron app in the mix as well. Our product is currently web based and can automate anything in the user's Chrome browser. We also have a handful of other projects that enable us to do what we do.
We’re currently putting together a web app that allows users to manage all their automations as well as an interface for us to recommend new ones based on their behaviors.
I would love to break down how it all works over a call!

Qualities We Share as a Team

Team > everything else. You’ve got to have an incredible amount of fun with and respect for the people you spend the majority of your awake time with or what’s the point?
Super high integrity
Deeply passionate about building something amazing w/ a world class team
Optimistic problem solver
Insatiable hunger and curiosity
Obsessive personality - it’s doesn’t feel like “work” if you love what you do!