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Tagger (contract)



Posted on Saturday, May 6, 2023

Who we are

We're a team on a mission to make work better for everyone, everywhere. We empower people to thrive at work, without creating more work for them.

Humu is an HR technology platform that makes it easy for organizations and their people to improve, every single week. Science shows that the fastest path to improvement is via personalized coaching in the flow of work. That’s exactly what Humu does. Humu nudges leaders, managers, and their teams to build better habits that will lead to their success. Unlike most tools, Humu combines Nobel-prize winning science and technology to pinpoint which behaviors and people skills leaders, managers, and employees need to be effective. Humu helps customers drive outcomes like improving managers, increasing agility, building more inclusive cultures and boosting team performance.

Humu was founded in 2017; and last year we raised a $60M Series C round. We’re looking for passionate collaborators who are excited about building a product that empowers people to improve themselves, and the teams around them.

What we're looking for

Humu is looking for taggers to help us leverage our Nudge Engine to send nudges—science-backed, personalized coaching moments—to our customers. We are looking for someone with a background in the organizational sciences (Industrial-Organizational Psychology, Organizational Behavior, Management, or similar fields) to help tag our library of behavioral science nudges. The work requires interest and experience with the science of human behavior at work, and an understanding of the characteristics of different job types and work environments (e.g., job analysis or training-needs assessments for specific job types and industries). You’ll get firsthand experience in how behavioral science is applied to tech, and it’s a great job for current PhD candidates in related fields.

The details


  • Assign the appropriate “tags” to nudges to accurately categorize, summarize, annotate or otherwise record their contents and relevance.
  • Meet a consistent tagging rate of about five nudges per hour, or more, once fully trained.
  • Meet high professional standards for consistency, quality, and up-to-dateness.
  • Work deliverable dates will be agreed by Supervisor and Consultant, and work can be done on Consultant’s schedule.
  • Build newly-written nudges in our custom Content Management System (CMS) and assign the appropriate tags.


  • Current PhD student with research expertise in Industrial-Organizational Psychology, Organizational Behavior, or a related field
  • Great attention to detail
  • Experience reading through and summarizing scientific research
  • Ability to work independently with minimal supervision, while meeting deadlines

Hourly pay: $30/hr