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Frontend Engineer - DUX



Software Engineering
San Francisco, CA, USA · Portland, OR, USA · New York, NY, USA · Remote
Posted on Wednesday, May 3, 2023

As long as there have been buildings, there has been scaffolding. In the caves of Lascaux, sockets in the cave wall were used to build scaffolds, allowing its Paleolithic inhabitants to craft their majestic cave-paintings, which survive to the modern day. From that time onward, every edifice has had its scaffold— from the bamboo poles that held the craftsmen of the Great Wall of China, to the steel trusses that held aloft the ironworkers who raised the Empire State Building.

Mercury is growing rapidly, and as we expand beyond the limits of our architecture today, we must build anew. We have a solid foundation, but the expansion, renovation, and exploration that come next will need scaffolding all along the way. We are looking for an engineer to help build the battens and transoms that will lift up our frontend team and help us build great things. More than creating components, we'd like you to help train the next generation of Mercury frontend engineers, and inspire the whole company to craft excellent frontend experiences. To put it differently, we'd like to make our engineers as excited about the frontend as our customers are about our product:

As part of this role, you and your team will:

  • Work closely with designers and engineers across Mercury to build and maintain our foundational component libraries
  • Improve the type-safety, accessibility, and performance of our components, all the while maintaining pixel perfection
  • Maintain and enhance our critical frontend developer tooling, such as our build process, CI/CD pipeline, and Storybook.
  • Polish our approach to frontend testing, and promote better frontend tests across teams
  • Foster enthusiasm about frontend work at Mercury through mentorship, setting best practices, and solving pain points for our engineers

The ideal candidate for the role:

  • Has 2+ years of experience in frontend development
  • Is ridiculously helpful, taking initiative to make other developers' lives easier
  • Has deep experience in React, TypeScript, and general web technologies, and is excited to help teach and promote best practices
  • Has contributed to or maintained an internal library, such as a design system, shared UI component library, or utility library
  • Has a thorough understanding of modern frontend developer tooling, including build systems, CI/CD, and testing.

The total rewards package at Mercury includes base salary, equity (stock options), and benefits.

Our salary and equity ranges are highly competitive within the saas and fintech industry and are updated regularly using the most reliable compensation survey data for our industry. New hire offers are made based on a job candidate’s experience, expertise, geographic location, and internal pay equity relative to peers.

Our target new hire base salary ranges for this role are the following:

  • US employees (any location): $151,000–$166,000 USD
  • Canadian employees (any location): CAD $144,000–158,000.